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Wilson Combat 1911 For Sale

The ACP is designed to offer shooters everything that’s necessity on a 1911 without the frills,” says Bill Wilson. “Functionally, these Wilson Combat guns have everything you need without a lot of cosmetic upgrades.” Buy brand new Wilson combat AR pistols online from our shop today.




Wilson Combat pistols are compacted versions of the full-size John Browning Colt 1911 we all know and love. The functional differences between full-size and compact M11911 pistols are slide mass and speed. The compact pistols have increased cycle speed because when mass is reduced and propelled with the same energy, cycle speed increases. To slow down the slide cycle, Wilson Combat increases the force needed to cock the hammer of Wilson Combat pistols by using heavier springs and lowering the hammer’s leverage point. Wilson Combat pistols include modern flat-wire recoil springs designed to enhance the pistol’s reliability; these springs hold their length and tension much longer than standard round wire springs. Buy a brand new Wilson Combat firearm online from us today and we get it shipped free to your chosen FFL dealer.